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What's your take on the Arnab-Sonia mess?

The probe is going on the supposed hate speech by arnab, but SC has stayed the arrest for 3 weeks.

Congressis say that Arnab's comments were derogatory for SG, but these people have said much worse things about Modi and the entire BJP camp. Hypocrisy of the highest order or just scoring some points in front of Sonia Gandhi?

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New media have radically altered the way in which government leaders, institutions operate, the manner in which elections are contested and citizen's engagement. To be more precise, New media has complicated the political media state. There are around hundred's of news channels operating at the moment favouring their political parties as they deem fit. So dissemination or promotion of political propoganda's has became a core subjectof either parties. As we very well know that politics is nothing but just a way to practice mudslingering. No doubt that Arnab is the anathema for the Gandhi family and vice versa since the time when Arnab first interviewed Mr Rahul gandhi. They leave no stone unturned to demean or mortify each other. As per my view, I do not support the dastardly attack of Congress on Arnab and that too while he was with his wife. But things like this has been happening since time immemorial and I do not think that these acts are going to be stopped in future. The only thing that matters to people like us is media should start working as it was doing iin 90's where only the actual info was promulgated and published and not favouring parties. 

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This is a clear case where one has to lay emphasis on facts before making it a political issue or agenda ! Most of the claims that arnab has made seems to be false as he was quiet hesitant making the video .
A) Arnab has a Y category security
B) Arnabs guards cautght the attankers and Then let then Let them talk for great lengths and were let off?
C) why were they not handed Over to


D) And how did sambit patra And Ashoke pandit knew before the attack that there was an attack on goswami as they posted tweets before it was actually posted by arnab 

E) metadata and amnesty International youtube databviewer has showed That changes have been made to the Time of upload of the video and what time it was made ( though it's yet to be investigated) 

don't know what's going wrong with journalists and journalism these days ! 

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@Ashit for D. arnab might have called them up. E. altnews says that the time which was showed was 8-17pm and it was in Z or zulu timezone which is GMT so add 5-30 mins to it which is the upload time.but then someone had tweeted it that wat is relevant is the fact that creation ll tell everything and that ll be only at one place.

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@Tuhin12 congresss IT cells and surley misleading people though seems more fishy on goswamis end . 

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@Tuhin12 I absolately can digest the fact that he must have called sambit patra? But why? Why not the cops? And making it a political issue for bjp to highlight , and they instead of sending him help? are tweeting ! I can't digest it bro . 

though yes metadata facts are yet to be investigated as Mentioned in the comment , not aptly Accurare . 

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@Ashit just read those 5 words after u mentioned why not the cops? thats ur answer i guess. A lot of us are just waiting to find the same clear picture . a lot of the things are fishy as you rightly pointed out and its same old blame game on.

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I have a very neutral take on this issue . A journalist who has a big viewer base should focus on facts rather than making personal comments , this will obviously ignite the followers of the leaders.

Also I remember how Mr mani Shanker Iyer made derogatory remarks on prime minister of India , we should also not forget the incidents where congress leaders crossed the line . Few congress leaders also targeted prime minister Modi's wife which was pathetic . To conclude yes Arnab went a little far away this time but at the same time we don't need lessons from congress on this issue.

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adding to this 

Few congress leaders extended their support to unit level workers for attacking a journalist(twitter) but they were silent when their fellow party leaders made personal remarks on PM's wife .
it reflects the mindset and ideology of the party !!

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well, Arnab is a reporter/journalist and congressis are politicians. The duty of a reporter/ journalist is to bring proper news in a presentable manner, and make people aware in an unbiased way of what is happening and not to incite any hatred. Is he doing it in the manner -nO . A reporter directly accusing SG of the palghar incident - he isn't the supreme court judge to say so. Time and again he brings those same ppl in his shows and blasts certain others of the opposition. Why is he always so polite to his favored people ? 

He made Palghar incident such a big issue. just a simple question on it he can ask , Who and why were the Sadhus murdered? Well even someone with such high Y level security meets 2 goons and who tells him that we are from this congress youth party and then let them leave , how dramatic can it get ? like seriously ??

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@Tuhin12 okay yeah I get your point about how we cannot compare the actions of a reporter and politicians.
but do you hold the same stand when Kunal kamra confronted arnab on the flight?

it is definitely a journo's duty to present facts in an unbiased way - correct. Then why do people only condemn the reporting style of arnab and not of Ravish, Rana ayub, Saba Naqvi. I can name a few more but I guess you got the point.

what happened to free speech when reporters accuse Modi of Godhra 2002 incidents, to which he is acquitted by the SC btw.

i think phalghar incident was already a big issue before arnab ever spoke about it. Or does according to you an incident is only big when members of a certain community die? 

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@ravikumar your not questioning and just believing. modi got acquitted after 17 years and that is a lot of time to tamper details. why did he ran away from the karan thapar interview then , and why is he scared to be asked questions from the reporters. Kunal is no politician he asked what many of us also think. and he has been questioning him since a long time. ravish sab naqvi i have seen them reporting, do they shout and quarell ? do tthey bring up ppl in there show and then shout on them no. ur believing in the SC and jurisdictions passed and everything but look from the outside so many instances u will find. 17 years and a lot changed there were so many ppl who had mentioned modi's name who worked in his party and now nobody is in the picture that is the big picture.check about GSPC and everything being mixed with ONGC now. who has spearhead it? ur last three words u wrote from ur experience and i didnt mention about it so probably ur feeling for it seems.

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@Tuhin12 bro do you know on average how long does it take to shut a case in india or rest of the world? i get your point that 17 years is long time to "tamper" details but then this fact makes every other judgement given by any court questionable, dont you think? 

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@ravikumar i am not a congressi...and as a 'viewer' i found Arnab a crazy person shouting fake and hate stuff...what is he running, a circus? Indeed he is. This is not journalism. How does it sound if i say ek chai bechne wala narendra damodar das modi aaj chai ke daam pe desh bech raha h...how does that sounds? I dont support modi but I would never say such stupid stuff even though i am not a primetime anchor of a so called 'republic' tv.

.3 months ago

@jayeshdhyani and really i dont care what you say about modi. I think india has made its choice when it chose him to be the PM for the second time and that too with heavy mandate.

and anyone with some brain can see what he is doing for the good of the country. yeah, i am not ashamed in saying that i support modi. 

.3 months ago

@jayeshdhyani okay good to know that. sadly, shouting fake and hate stuff is the trend, and tbh even i find arnab crazy but hey this is how things work, you counter a propaganda with a propaganda. 

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@ravikumar this is not actually how things work, but how you are making it work. 2018 smriti irani brought in the fakenews bill but the next day modi interfered and took it out. smriti was the I&B minister then. and very soon she was taken out of that role and it was given to Col Rathore. smriti rests with textile now. who made this change .. is it good- no way as all parties are mixing this - congress did recently by giving a false info about the time of arnab's video upload and the Bjp doing it with fake twitter acounts surrounding with all fake news. the IT cell head has been tapped with dozens of fake news regulating stuff. so its not how things work but how they are making it.

.3 months ago

@Tuhin12 smriti Irani brought the bill to check the spread of fake news - correct and you mentioned it

the bill prescribed severe punishment for journalists like suspending their license - you failed to mention it 

the bill was opposed by associations like press club of India, women's press corps etc - you failed to mention this point too

then Modi came into the picture and took back the bill.
did you see what you did there? You failed to mention two important points of a development to paint a picture that is well suited with your views and beliefs. I think you are trying to justify your propaganda. so does it give you the right to question any other's credibility? did you do that intentionally or have became a victim of a fake news?

see you just did a thing that were claiming to be against of. Trust me, THIS IS HOW THINGS WORKS. 

.3 months ago

@ravikumar in ur first comment to my previous answer u had mentioned guess you got the point. i hoped the same when i wrote itas people do have a certain level og simple analytical understanding i felt(sorry if you are not in that group ) but you had to give it the propaganda action words. i simply meant it that when there was a time to curb the fakenews it didnt happen and now we all can see how it has expanded and without any control.PCI on the other hand was into scrutiny for a fact that when few activists who visited J&K returned were not given a chance to showcase the proofs in terms of the images and later responded that they were told not to and were restricted , we know how this restriction applies.for every action association come forward and raise voice just look at the recent NCR AND CAA fo example. and it gives me complete right and credibility to put forth a point . probably i will be much more careful with you the next time as your level is different.

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@ravikumar i think we need revolution...these political parties and news channels need to be thrown out...

.3 months ago

sorry to bust your bubble, this is not how things work.

@ravikumar there is a difference between 'these people' and a 'journalist'. And come on Arnab and people like him should no more be called journalist, even formally. 

He is creating mess only to amass some revenue. 

For what he does, he deserves punishment bigger than any other mentioned in constitution. He is the real anti-national, anti-humanist. 

I wish one day comes when all these sell-out hate mongrers get what they deserve.

.3 months ago

@utkarsh.dhawan@yahoo.com bigger punishment mentiined in the constitution ? sorry but that's doesn't seems legitimate or that is not how things works in civilised democratic country. just because anyone or a segment of people don't agree with his style of journalism doesn't mean that he should get a punishment which is not even mentioned in the law. it is so evident that how congress , Sonia Gandhi or even BJP ministers have looted the people , can we punish them going out of our written law ? Just because they aren't doing there job properly ? Then I am sorry all of us would be pubished and that's called Anarchy? from a so called actirs, govt servants , almost lot of policticans are covered under that btw anyhow this statement doesn't have any logic it won't happen it can't happen 

.3 months ago

@Sarthak vohra hope ur doing good bro. Sorry for mincing some words but do you think that it is OUR law and not the BRITISH law mostly still on ??

.2 months ago

@Tuhin12 I am absolutely fine and hope all well at your place too , our long pending game of a cricket and badminton , anyhow the law is inspired by the British law or not is a different topic but this what we have and have been abiding since it was amended and saying for this particular act this specific persons devserves a punishment out of the syllabus is extreme unfair and not logical by any means as law student and having a famply of lawyers and judges I can easily say it can't be and it won't be done and there is no precedent available for this particular act, it's not even a crime under IPC . So are we suggesting we make a new constitution or laws ? Btw our laws are inspired by Britain , Canada , US , Australia etc and which is fine , every country does that. Though I am not a big fan of the constitution which in simple words states the rules of civil life in our sovereign teritory but that's a very different topic and the above statement by that gentlemen was extremely Juvinile and piece of fiction 

.3 months ago

@utkarsh.dhawan@yahoo.com in the first sentence you say there is difference between 'these people' and 'journalist' and in the second you say people like him should not even be called a journalist. you need to make up your mind.

well to be honest, there is no punishment mentioned in the consitution, in the consitution of india atleast.

and then you say that these hate mongerers should get what they deserve, but when you say people like arnab should get punishments that are not even mentioned in the constituion, it is you who is spreading hate.

anyways i think free speech is only free till the time someone riases a finger at you.

.3 months ago

@ravikumar arnab accused that sonia gandhi was behind the phalgar incidents. FIR toh banti hi thi