a year ago

From the temples for the People

Our country is filled with religious people and we have temples with different names to them. People have been contributing in the Daanpatra since years in the name of their respective gods. Now in this crucial time how much impact will be from them?

What do you feel about this?

Lets see if god can do something...and also lets not move our eyes on God's wealth...

.a year ago

the virus got spread because of some human and their want/greed, and then we the ones who suffer pray for god to help us. After all its the humans who have created it?? ... 

 Not asking for god's wealth but isn't it the time now for all the management of big and different temples to come forward and help the people in need ?

.a year ago

Temples like Sai baba Shirdi, hanuman temple Patna, Somnath Gujarat, Mahalaxmi kohlapur have donated crore of Rs. Other temples all over the country are doing the same. 

.a year ago

yes and that is what is expected , hope the others also step in.