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Boys locker room

would like to know what you feel is the setting root for such crimes?

I am more than active on twitter and it has actually helped me to find out more from different perspectives and do research. In India right now internet is provided at a very cheap rate for everyone , so less than thankfully many labourers have the connection. Now a new trend which has commenced is low grade small movies from few production houses like fliz,gupchup etc where in they have started to show similar adult movies or porn being a welcomed route. It just doesn't need any acting skills and their is nothing in it except of the scenes and they are readily available over the net. Mixed with the languages used in songs and movies along with individual albums these days, that is degrading the humans and more so the females.

Isn't it the time to get in some strict actions in place now as even many such other atrocities like domestc violence and rapes have always played a key role in degrading the life of woman in our nation. ?

@Tuhin12 @Ravi Kumar dont you guys feel that lack of sex education is also a reason behind this. We portray sex and our physical features as something bad or subjects of taboo. All this constricts our thinking pattern. And from there rises vulgarity, obscenity. If we introduce sex education, and make it compulsary. And also implement it freely. I think we will see much better results. Where people especially males are not just so fascinated about female body. Where we realize that we are all animals and we all own our bodies. And thats why we must not infringe that ownership, whether its us or others, male or female.

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@utkarsh.dhawan@yahoo.com Sex education is difinitely is must...children need to know how a human bodu functions from their parents and teachers, and not from tv shows and internet. 

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@ravikumar exactly

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@utkarsh.dhawan@yahoo.com true.. sex education is the key to reduce this..We can't eliminate the sexual urges/ energies from any human being but we can definitely channelize these energies (specially in children of certain age group) into other activities by way of educating them and teaching them ways to do so..

Also, banning porn & similar movies might play a role in achieving the above..

@P.A exactly 

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sex education - I second you on this , need of the hour as well.

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deeply saddened by what happened in that bois locker room insta group....the root cause of such crimes can be attributed to soceital funcationing. these teenagers could not differentiate right from wrong....you can also say thar they were not raised right which puts the blame on their parents....but parents also raise their children accordong to societal norms...

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@ravikumar Societal functioning as you have pointed out is a major reason I feel as well but at the same time don't you think how technology is being handled plays a key role ? Everything that one witnesses or experiences these day is through the use of some technology and the outside experience but isn't what your being shown makes up how you think , given the age of these kids who still don't possess that nurtured mind ?

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@Tuhin12 yes content management/ban is required. The govt banned the porn sites but one can still access it. regarding the songs and C grade movies/shows you talked about, we cant really do much about those. Sex sells. moreover, the actors do those shows willingly, and the viewers watch on their own will. 

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@ravikumar censor board is their but not taking any step and also these pathetic c grade movies , their has to be a monitoring of all of this , which is just not happening.

@Tuhin12 the title does not match with your elaborated ideas...

What happened in the boys locker room case is a concern. But then I am not surprised to see something like that. Infact I am surprised by boys who dont talk and act like these perverts and animals. Their count is very lesser than other perverts. Anyway whatever happened should not happen.

Regarding your views, I havent even heard of these names but yeah Ekta Kapoor's Alt Balaji videos...I have seen their trailers and obviously they are obscene, nonsense and have nothing to do with Art. Obviously, sex sells. It is that simple.

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@mehrashivani12@yahoo.comYou are right. I guess I forgot to write a few lines at the beginning to connect the lines with the title. 

But the point I wanted to make was that apart from the general 4-5 reasons which everyone has been giving, isn't the "ENTERTAINMENT'' stuff which is around degrading the society and leading to these events.

So what is it that you think should be the way ahead and how can this menace be tackled ?