2 years ago

If one could build a system of morality independent from religion

Socrates on his philosophy school:

If one could build a system of morality independent from religion, then theologies might come & go w/o loosening the moral cement that makes of individuals the perfect citizens of community.

Isn't this valid in the current state of our country?

.2 years ago

Religion provides the basis for our morality...people hesitate to think or act out of their religious guidelines...and that affects our morality as well...also people consider the religions as their fundamental identity...and whenever there is a trigger to that identity...people forget all of the morals...also the ones taught to them by their own religion...

So to bring that system of morality and sanity...religions have to go out of existence...though by this point I myself am not convinced because we have been coexisting daily for centuries...and it is not that everyday we witness acts of immorality...and also we don't always act according to our religious guidelines and often use our own gut feelings/wisdom/sanity....but again that religious stone always hits us at some point...

.2 years ago

Seeing the current state of Delhi, I can only infer that one can not separate religion from morality, not in a country like India at least. We, as Indians, are prisoners to our past, to our recent history, in which we were taught to function in a society on the basis of religion.

We got independence from the Britishers, but not from our mindsets.