2 years ago

PM CARES fund or not ?

Prime Minister National relief fund had a balance PMNRF . 

We have Contingency Fund of India..

 Now did we really need this PM CARES , when the sole purpose are same for above and has a place in books ??

All the funding accounts are for various emergency situations . but PM Cares is solely, wholly dedicated to the latest epidemic. ndeed they could have used those relief funds as well

If PMCares cotinues to exist after fulfilling its purpose, then the question arises why do we have two funding schemes with single aim. 

.2 years ago

One particular which has been raised by some is who is or are the trustee for this and it's believed that they might be some private individuals.but again the same case why another one now when national relief fund already exists solely for this purpose. The stars who were quiet during riots fiasco are now coming in support of along with others as well. But again no transparency and answers and the poor people are already suffering in the remote places.

.2 years ago

I think a dedicated fund will be more motivational for people to step up and donate. Plus, a little bit of PR is also going on. 

And what is the problem with a private entity being a trustee of it? 

.2 years ago

At a time when the authenticity of quite a lot of decisions have been questionable and there already exists a fund for these purposes specifically then why another one? Doesn't it throws speculations over the same? 

Private players getting all the benefits and using of tax heavens by them has been a major issue , the transparency is the question as to who is in charge of it because we don't know the end user of it. And some reports that have surfaced also claiming that one reason for this new fund being , it will not be under the purview of the CAG.