2 years ago

Ranjan Gogoi's Case

In the din of Corona-Corona, the case of Ex-Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi's nomination to the Rajya Sabha somehow evaded the huge controversy it was supposed to make...Yes, it made some noise but surely the attention have now shifted...

What do you think of this move? Is it justifiable?

Should judges be allowed to hold any position post-retirement?


.2 years ago

Judiciary and politics both should be kept separate and more than anything it's absolutely ridiculous. First this guy was marked in harassment and then the girl gets reinstated. where the hell is democracy and inter alia fake news has made mockery- Amit Malviya at the top of it. 

Post retirement they should just be given roles where there experience is required for applying some law.

.2 years ago

Agree with you...this puts judiciary's credibility under question 

.2 years ago

guess it needs improvement of some standard in that regard as credibility issue has been prevailing since not just the past 7 yrs but from some time now.

.2 years ago

I think there will be a conflict of interest. it definitely makes me question the influence of legislative on the judiciary.

Do you think Gogoi will join BJP in the near future? 

.2 years ago

There is no doubt about his leanings...but here it is not based on ideologies...it has been about individual favours....so I dont think he will join BJP until he is assured the CM chair of Assam...