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Politics is like chess and what a move by Modi/BJP | Women's Reservation Bill

In chess, sometimes you force your opponent to make a certain move.

This is what PM Modi did with Women Reservation Bill.

If the Opposition had decided to oppose it, they would have risked sending a wrong message to the voters. The BJP would have then capitalised on this opportunity to portray the Opposition as anti-women, and accused them of obstructing the empowerment of women merely for their own dynastic political gains.

Also, It is worth noting that women constitute a significant and staunch support base for the Modi government.

On the other hand, the Opposition chose to support it, and that's what Modiji wanted. The Bill specifies that it will be enacted after the delimitation of Lok Sabha seats. So, now that the Opposition backs the Women Reservation Bill due to political pressures, it effectively has forfeited the right to oppose the delimitation, probably scheduled for 2026. This delimitation process is expected to result in an increase in the number of Lok Sabha seats, maybe particularly in the Hindi heartland, which will significantly hinder the Congress party's chances of returning to power for an extended period. Also, it will solidify BJP's position.


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now this is something i can agree with