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Dire need of population control in India!!

With the resources depleting at a fast pace (like: ground water, fossil fuels etc.), and unemployment and pollution at a rise; has the time come to seriously take action against controlling our increasing population??

Increasing population with decreasing resources will no doubt lead to CONFLICTS (be it Intra or Inter Country comflicts)..

Is it the time to consider one or more of the following steps:

2 Child Policy : Yes, there may b problems in strictly enforcing it.So, as a solution, a provision in law should b made of not giving the voting rights to the 3rd child & so on and also to the father.

        Also, some specific govt. incentives (other than basic needs) should be taken away from the family (like: subsidized gas cylinders, electricity subsidy and other subsidies and benefits).

      Also, a certain tax or a fee may b levied on them.

      In addition, they should not b allowed to contest elections.

Guys!! Your suggestions are invited..

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 @P.A , @Vaibhav Singh @Prateek Chopra @jayesh dhyani I got the point of this but I have another question to ask on this - the time has changed and we call it a modern era - you look around in television and find many celebrities and people in posh places as well , have married multiple times and they have kids from different marriages . Like Saif who has 3 kids and I have met such people in my neighbourhood as well. So how to counter this ??? the number of cases or kids happening due to this is quite large and will make a different country on its own if we count the numbers in the world , so how to deal with this as -log toh emotions me beh jaate hai ..as many ppl say.

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@Tuhin12 education and a child policy is the only answer to population explosion ....there is nothing else we can do about it 

I would never recommend these harsh measures like mention above...#this_is_not_China

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@jayeshdhyani Ok that is fine if u won't prefer such hard measures but the people like Mahesh Bhatt, saif ali khan and Raj babbar to name a few from India are big celebs and they have married twice (some in a different generation) They have kids from both marriages and they are more than 2 .education won't help in this regard I guess ?

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@Tuhin12 yeah...but child policy will do it ...one can marry whoever he or she wants...but it does not means they will have children with each one of them...

A child policy could state that whether you marry 1 or 10...one cannot have more than 2 children in any manner  

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@jayeshdhyani this may work if they can implement it properly

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@P.A I cannot agree with you more. There is definitely a dire need to control population. There is a term "Sustainable development" that we all are aware of. We have been using this term since our school days but only a few people have prcatically implemented in their lives. It is an undeniable fact that the natural resources are depleting rapidly and with this abrupt usage, I do not think that resources will last longer. When things are easily available to humans, they tend to use it abruptly. They start sobbing when those things goes missing or are not available anymore. The strings of depleting resources are tied to population growth. There are some points mentioned below due to which population rate is soaring rapidly-

1. Lack of education

2. Male Chauvinism

3. Misguidance

4. Religious interferences'

5. Conservatism

6. Migration

7. Cultural diversities

8. Fertility Rate

And the list continues...

There are several nations in the world where various methods were used to curb population but every country had faced retaliations'. India is one of the ethnically and diversified nations of the world. If we take any step recklessly, fallouts' of the same will be knocking at our doors at the first blush. As per latest study, it was revealed that the population growth of rural areas is soaring as compared with urban population's growth. The only options that we are left with is educating people and implementing stringent conditions on those who try to misguide people on matters of caste, religion, sex, race and for this, we have to start it from the very ground level and as @prateek said , uniform civil code must be brought in. No disparity should be mde between rich and poor. All must be considered one and same. This is definitely going take time.

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@P.A Yeah sure, there is a dire need of population control in India, but before implementing a 2 Child policy, Uniform Civil Code must kick in.

People of India operate on personal laws. Different sectors of the civil society have different laws that govern their lives in India. So, the first step would be to go towards UCC, and make every law uniform to every citizen of India. Then, we can think about implementing a 2 child policy.

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@P.A i am stunned by your views...its height of narrow mindedness...

You are literally voting for taking away democratic rights...in no way such a thing can be justified in a Democracy ...

Indeeed population is a concern and a child policy may be need of the hour...but we have to ensure that Before applying stricts laws the education/ atleast conveyance of any upcoming child policy is must ...

Dont know about riches but in the case of middle class and poors (thats 80 prcnt populace)...i can tell you that these people Do Not breed to reproduce more than 2 children just because they love parenting more kids ...there are other factors behind this problem such as lack of education and a thinking that says more kids, more earning sources...

Not every problem has to be solved in a way thats an outcome of nothing but whimsical mind with insensitive approaches...

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@P.A I second you on this - that we need this right now as the situation is such but at the same time need to plan it out well. 

Like the people till the lower middle class can still be completely informed but the ones below the will be the concern. For proper implementation, the information and law have to reach at the ground level to every nook and corner of the country. 

Secondly, it shouldn't matter who or how wealthy someone is, the policy or law has to be equal for all. Like if you're Ambani so it is fine to have 3 children shouldn't be a term and with equality. But the only problem I find is we are unable to solve so many grave issues (for eg stopping rapes and eradicating poverty) to date and this will impact negatively if it won't work out and will add to the monetary woes.