5 months ago

Threats to Indo-canadian hindus in Canada

in the aftermath of India-Canada debacle, the leader of the banned Khalistani outfit Sikhs For Justice (SFJ), Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, has issued threats to Canadian Hindus and asked them to leave Canada claiming that they have adopted a “jingoistic approach” by siding with India.


in the video titled “Leave Canada, Indo-Hindus, Go India”, Pannu said, “Indo-Canadian Hindus, you have repudiated the allegiance to Canada and the Canadian constitution. Your destination is India. Leave Canada, go to India.”


he later talks about a referrendum which will happen on 29 Oct, seeking to blame Indian High Commissioner Verma for Nijjar's murder.

.5 months ago

so they are looking to stretch this matter. still more than a month left till 29th Oct

.5 months ago

What else do you expect from the leader of a banned Khalistani outfit?

This is Divide & Rule 101 - drive a wedge between different comminuties for personal political/social gains.

This is the same what they did during the Farm Laws protest.

The only difference is this time things are taking place in their homeground and not in India, so we can take a more attacking approach.