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When an idiot is doing stupid things, don’t disturb him | India 3 – 0 Canada

Also read/refer my last two discussions on this subject - Discussion 1 and Discussion 2.

So, since I last wrote on this matter many things have happened, and Bharat has gone to full-on offensive mode. Here's how:

Actions taken by MEA

  • MEA issues advisory - "In view of growing anti-India activities and politically-condoned hate crimes and criminal violence in Canada, all Indian nationals there and those contemplating travel are urged to exercise utmost caution. (Notice the language used.)
  • Indian visa services suspended in Canada
  • The Indian Government has decided to downsize Canadian Missions & diplomats in India.
  • The government is also preparing for a large-scale OCI/PIO/Visa Cancellation of Indian Origin Canadian citizens.
  • Intelligence Agencies have been asked to prepare this massive list and share it with MEA urgently.
  • MEA says Canada is a safe haven for terrorists, extremists, and organised crime. (Words do matter in geo-politics. Look at this strong worded message. This is the kind of language we use for Pakistan)

Actions taken by security agencies

  • NIA announced a cash reward of Rs 10 lakh each for information leading to the arrest of ‘listed terrorist’, namely Harwinder Singh Sandhu/ Rinda, and Lakhbir Singh Sandhu/Landa, for promoting the terror activities of Babbar Khalsa.
  • NIA released the pictures of 43 accused gang leaders and criminals have Khalistan background.
  • Police raided more than 1000 locations in Punjab belonging to listed Gangsters.
  • NIA got active to catch Khalistan terrorists based in not only Canada & Punjab, but also USA by making public photos of 10 terrorist who attacked Indian Consulate recently.

Other things that happened

  • Gangster Sukhdool Singh, alias Sukha Duneke, was shot dead in Winnipeg, Canada by 'unidentified' assailants
  • Lawrence Bishnoi gang claims responsibility for Sukhdool Singh's killing in Canada

Actions taken by civil society

  • Canada based singer Shubh's shows in India got cancelled. Brand endorsements taken away. Celebrities stopped following.
  • Anand Mahindra's company Mahindra & Mahindra has decided to end its partnership with Canada based company Rayson Aerospace Corporation.

Now let's talk about politics


Canada sought assistance from its Western allies to corner India, but nothing of that sort happened - more details on this here 

Indian Politics

See politics is a game of perception. One action leads multiple reactions and results. Let me explain. The India-Canada row made Khalistan talks more relevant in India. Old videos and connections started coming out on social media for the whole world to see. This led to citizens of India disliking Khalistan even more. Also, some political connections came to light.

  • A video went viral which showed a CNN report claiming ISI links with Nijjar. People started about talking the nexus between ISI and Khalistan.
  • Former R&AW official, in an interview, told that Congress leader Kamal Nath used to send money to Bhindranwale. In short, Bhindrawale was an asset to Kamal Nath and Congress. This established a connection between Congress and Khalistan.
  • Perception made - Canada & Khalistan + ISI & Khalistan + Congress & Khalistan = Nexus of Khalistan, ISI, Congress, and Canada. Implication - Advantage BJP.

Now I come to the title of this discussion. It was a grave mistake committed by Trudeau to name India in Nijjar's killing, especially if you consider that Trudeau and PM Modi had a conversation about this issue. The point is when they talked about this sensitive issue in private, why did Trudeau went public in accusing India.

Honestly, I believe that this was the slip-up GoI had been waiting to happen. I think the sub-par welcome of Trudeau in the G20 was also planned. PM Modi might have expected something of this sort to happen.

And when it happened, we were ready to pounce.

Now, New Delhi has the license in dealing with these separatists and terrorists in any manner they want.

The seeds of this conflict were sown during the time of farmer's laws protest when Khalistan, backed by Canada and opposition, had an agenda.

However, had the GoI taken any 'hard steps' then, it would have been branded as a Minority Killer. But now, they have a full support, both domestically and internationally, to go after these anti-India forces.

That is why they say, when an idiot is doing stupid things, don’t disturb him.


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it makes sense but i dont think that things happened during G20 had a role to play

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Such an eye opener and well specified 

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Well conceived and articulated... 👍🏻

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Well conceived and articulated... 👍🏻