5 months ago

Blunder blunder - what did Trudeau think before taking this to public?

It is understandable that Trudeau's popularity has been on a decline, so to woo some Sikh community in Canada he did what he did. one thing he didnt understand was that all sikhs are not khalistani.

then to take this matter to an international stage was even dumber. i mean just look at the recent history.

if countries like US, UK and France couldnt put pressure on India in the aftermath of Russia ukraine war, why does Trudeau think that Canada has a chance?

.5 months ago

There is something larger at play here.

According to the reports, Trudeau raised this issue with PM Modi in a meeting on September 10th.

The thing is, if he has already raised this issue with PM Modi, why did he bring it up again and that too on a public platform for the whole world to see.