2 years ago

Does being a criminal increases your chances of becoming a politician?

if you look at our politicians, you will find some who are accused of crimes, even some heinous crimes

BJP and Congress are already infamous for this. But the newly formed AAP government in Delhi has 50 percent of such MLAs against whom serious criminal cases have been filed. In 2015 the count was 23 out of 67, and that 37 has now obviously increased. And the charges against them are serious.

.2 years ago

It is politics. i think every political party is the same

.2 years ago

agreed! the numbers just doesn't matter as all are political parties. Imo the ones who have criminal offences against them have an idea of fear among the poor and they tend to vote for them in villages or small towns. They have their set of followers who help them in this cause. Like in the recent case of Jharkhand which showed the number of MP'S with criminal cases was whopping 62% says a lot. The less fortunate ones are suppressed with false claims, trickery for votes and they stay helpless. And the recent 2019 data showed that 43% of newly elected Lok sabha MP's have criminal records. So it's increasing the chances of people having records becoming politicians. Not to forget we have had some serious charges against many big and higher level ministers of the nation.