10 months ago

What can we take from Delhi Elections 2020?

After Maharashtra and Haryana, now Delhi. BJP's time is coming to an end? And if, then what could be the reasons?

Will these results be repeated in other states as well? 

And don't forget give your opinion on what the duck Congress is doing.

.10 months ago

So at the end of the day Federalism prevailed. I’m seeing the Delhi election verdict as a positive step towards building a nation with a strong and independent Central Government backed by, and more importantly opposed by, several State governments governed by several political parties. 

But, were the Delhi elections really the way they were perceived to be?

You might think AAP has won the election on the back of developmental work, or as some would say, because of freebies, but it was not the case. 

Analysing the numbers of Delhi election, one could easily say that AAP was as dependent as BJP on the apparent communal divide and false narrative.

The other main reason for such a thumping win for AAP is Congress’ dismal performance. Just look the vote share and you’ll see.  


AAP has no higher moral ground. They have finally understood the game and are stepping up to it.

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congress knew about their status and except a couple of their candidates , none of them recvd much of the votes. everyone heard what bjp were saying during their rallies and that was in no way going to help them.

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Yeah...but what a pity that congress is our nation's second biggest party ....the people there are 

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Are useless 

one take away is that after a long time development subjects like Schools and Hosptials were on the discussion table during election campaigns. Wish this could be replicated in the case of other states as well.

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That i agree

BJP got 7...and who was campaigning for them...the PM, Home Minister, MPs, and CMs. Wow, who are they gonna credit this amazing score?

Where have we come now in the politics? what are UP's and Uttarakhand's CM doing in the election? Don't they have enough work? 

Kudos to Delhi's people though upset regarding the voter turnout stats.

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Yeah exactly