2 years ago

No Action Taken!

Can anybody tell what happened to those 40 masked goons with rods who took JNU at their helm one night? Its like they've been forgotten.

They did it in the one of the finest educational insititution of our country. Where have we come as a democracy? We are unofficially no more a democracy.

.2 years ago

We have two identical situations and can't understand in which of the state the scenario is the worst. Delhi or Uttar Pradesh and the power is in the hand of.......

.2 years ago

And what about the Supreme Court. Man I feel so unsafe. Even the Supreme Court is under influence. I means its silence and stance on the current situation of our country is the proof in itself. What is left then; the media, the judiciary, the instiutions, the private biggies and the masses; all under its infuence. It is a really dangerous situation here.

they are aleady in the history. i dont think they will ever be prosecuted even though enough of evidences were there. its a shame that the Delhi police and the media have a big role in this