a year ago

Wish Trump could visit every city of India

I mean look what is being done in the two cities, Ahmedabad and Agra when he is about to visit. 

Though hiding the poverty than erasing it, sounds a bit disheartening. It hurts our self-respect as an Indian, doesn't it?

But again its easier to hide poverty than to erase it and that's understandable.

People who cannot utter the complete name of the President of America will be present in the numbers of lakhs to welcome him. What does all of this tells about our mentality. Should we be proud of this? Even if we are following here our 'Athithi Devo Bhava' then do you think Mr. Trump deserve this love or respect? 

Why are we trying to please him? He has already said "not any significant deal with India this time"

And what he said today. "India didn't treat America well but I like PM Modi a lot" 

And lastly, Shame on our Governments and Shame on us who vote for them. This is what we have to do when American or Chinese president visit us.

.a year ago

I am excited to see Modi's bromance with Mr. Trump. How romantic sight it will be both of them in a Jhulaa and walking in a park with Modi serving him tea and then finally call him Donald and Melania Bhabhi in the press conference. I am waiting for that. Rest of everything is nothing new.

.a year ago

haha modi has a great PR team which can make him look like a bollywwod star

.a year ago

yeah name of that PR team is Indian National TV News Channels :-)

.a year ago

It's international politics. There is a thing called Protocol.

Catering the leader of the world's most powerful nation is note done out of respect or love, but simply out of protocol.

I dont know whether Mr. Trump deserves all the 'respect and love', but he surely deserves to be treated as major international ally of India (or of Modi)

.a year ago

and just to beautify , you provide or release 14000+ litres of water for making a better image of yamuna but hardly keep it clean, at other times. Guess it's more to please the international community and earn more awards in this process as he already has the philip cotler and seoul peace in his kitty , though the latter hardly justifies. Or is it more to do because Modi govt needs more loans from the international organizations. Pity on the thinking to hide, as the US already has the satellite images to look at the complete motera area and other places.

.a year ago

lets see how this major ally treats us if he comes back to power in the upcoming US presential elections

ofcorse...yeah why not? he deserves to be treated as a major ally...but I don't think any protocol tells you to hide your scars or failures...these extra efforts like preparing lakhs of people to welcome would've been just, if Mr Trump held that reputation....it all looks simply fake...

I felt ashamed when our PM organises Howdy Modi event in America and then acts like Agent Modi by saying "Ab ki baar Trump sarkar". Such a pity.

.a year ago

Howdy Modi was a success I think. Plus, Modi was appeasing not just Trump or American govt, but also the indian diaspora. 

Success from whose point of view...Mr Modi? then yeah it was...

It looks like a rant but it is coming out from inside of all of us. Really Trump is a clown. He doesn't even deserve our Athithi Devo Bhava welcome. 

And it is saddening to hear about hiding those bastis with walls. Aren't they India. Why are you hiding our India PM Modi.? You promised to change it but now that you failed...you have to do this? Pathetic.

.a year ago

There must be other reasons too to hide those bastis i guess.. i will have to delve in the topic 

Sure I would like to know too..