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Uniform Civil Code. 

Is it really a tough topic or it is a simple topic but tough to understand for our diverse populace.

Why not a Uniform Civil Code? 

This was the question first asked in the parliament when our constitution was under formation. Be it Hindus or Muslims or others; every creed had their reasons to oppose a single civil code. Hindus argued divorce is not considered sacred in their religion whereas Muslims placed their support for unilateral talaq (divorce). And this debate extended to marriage, divorcee, maintainance, family and property succession.

The demand for UCC is in the Directive Principles. Also the Supreme Court has been asking for it. But till now we have not been successful at bringing UCC. Why?

The Congress's appeasement policy has also been one of the deterrants.

Goa is the only state with UCC applied. 

Hindu personla laws were reformed after much contention in 1956.

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if there is uniformity in criminal laws, business laws, why not have a uniformity in civil and personal laws?

.2 years ago

yep..why is there a feeling of insecurity that if we introduce UCC then such and such would happen...I mean it could be considered as reasonable argument at the time of independence but now after 70 years why are we still not there? is this only in the name of politics or there could be other reasons?

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the question is are people ready to leave their personal laws based on religion and go for common laws based on the current situations of the society?

there was a committee set up by the govt (im forgetting the name of the committee) and they have suggested that UCC can be kept optional as in people will have to voluntary choose to be under the ambit of UCC. lets see if something of that kind happens

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that would be a great idea in any democracy but India...here the religious radicalism is the basis of so many problems...

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thank god you commented...otherwise I thought such an interesting topic would go undiscussed.