2 years ago

5% Reservation for Muslims

Why? There is no reasonable reason. There cannot be one.

This time it is going ahead of appeasement. It is like recreating a good image in the eyes of India's biggest minority.

 If BJP's communalism is killing the country then Congress's politics isn't clean either. It has never been. 

We were forcing our way towards finishing Reservation system and here they come up with this.

And Shivsena. If their founder Bal Thakaray was alive today, he would have already expelled and disowned his son. For what he has done till now.

Anyone can give me one reason that this decision should be welcomed.

Reservation has acted as a supporting hand for the inefficient and weaker sections of the society. If a government thinks that certain ethinicity or community of their state has been left behind. So this becomes its duty to provide them that support and give them a chance. Only because its against muslims doesn't mean it is Congress's politics.