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Hello! the seat is reserved...

Should reservation still exist? How much more time do we need to finish this imbalance in our society? We are about to reach the centernary anniversary of our Independence in two and half decades. Would reservation have become a past till then?

Also reservation exists in different forms. Caste, Religion, Gender, Economical (Economic Weaker Sections) and Physically disabled. 

On Physical level I believe we should keep that forever.

Economical: We are a poor nation. That's a one line answer.

Gender: We are a poor nation with Hindus and Muslims. That's another one line answer. Here Women and the third gender have always been suppressed. And it is now that they are slowly finding their way out in open.

Caste based: That's debatable. Although the caste mentality is still very strong among Indians. But it is uncertain if that mentality will ever die. And then every there is community asking for reservations for their caste.

Religion: There are reservations for Muslims. I don't understand why now that EWS is also there.

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if our governments had aimed at finishing poverty and making developments...reservation would already have no ground for existence today...regarding the mentality...one argument is that it will never go until and unles the people with psyche die themselves...and the other is that when an individual has enough resources...caste and religion stop effecting

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would just share what Dr Ambedkar had also said but not been highlighted much ...

It is by placating the sentiments of smaller communities and smaller people who are afraid that the majority may do wrong, that the British Parliament works. Sir, my friends tell me that I have made the Constitution. But I am quite prepared to say that I shall be the first person to burn it out. I do not want it. It does not suit anybody. But whatever that may be, if our people want to carry on, they must not forget that there are majorities and there are minorities, and they simply cannot ignore the minorities by saying, “Oh, no. To recognise you is to harm democracy.” I should say that the greatest harm will come by injuring the minorities.

Dr BR Ambedkar in the Rajya Sabha on 2 September 1953 

Do you want a reply to that? I would give it to you right here. My friend says that the last time when I spoke, I said that I wanted to burn the Constitution. Well, in a hurry I did not explain the reason. Now that my friend has given me the opportunity, I think I shall give the reason. The reason is this: We built a temple for god to come in and reside, but before the god could be installed, if the devil had taken possession of it, what else could we do except destroy the temple? We did not intend that it should be occupied by the Asuras. We intended it to be occupied by the Devas. That’s the reason why I said I would rather like to burn it.

Dr BR Ambedkar in the Rajya Sabha on 19 March 1955 

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we have got to read more and more of Dr Ambedkar's works. Gandhi, Nehru and all others were a bit of complex or conflicting personalities. But Ambedkar was one of the guys who was a reasonable guy. His words of wisdom are the proof of it. 

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Finally , not many people say such things about Gandhi Nehru.but I agree with you on each and every word . And the thing was people or the evils just described things differently.