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W.H.O is at fault ?

Yes, they might have favored the Chinese a bit initially but they had also brought out guidelines in February. 

And the TIMELINE tells us a different story and one which was not broadcasted much as well. 

SPAIN and ITALY unprepared or so. America - no comments.

India - ??

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- First case in India in January. 

- Information on First case of virus outside China was before 15th Jan. And certain countries started taking measures as early as Jan.

- Public health emergency of Int'l concern declared on Jan 30. 

- The date when WHO issued guidelines on Mass gatherings and few other things -17th Feb. 

- Around similar time , Tedros the WHO head tweeted about the danger increasing and measures should be taken to act now. 

- What all things happened and where mass gatherings happened in India , guess we all know.

- By feb end WHO had adviced to take measures regarding the sufficient number of medical equipments for each country to be prepared.

- Around 12th March - COVID19 declared as pandemic by WHO. (Many had already gathered in our country by then but still no measures on Int'l flights arrival and quarantine was not instructed)

- We did not take measures for the poor ones and that is the bitter truth. In February and March a lot many activities and gathering s were orchestrated but the liquor gatherings now are way more dangerous than any other ones but still .... 

- Our rank in press freedom correlates a lot with what our situation now is- because if they would have acted properly and showed what the bigger picture and upcoming danger was then... and also the authorities who monitor .
Any inputs on this ?? @utkarsh dhawan @shivani mehra @jayesh dhyani and others.

PS- For these details i did my own research so If my facts are incorrect you can rightly point it out please.

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@Tuhin12 Even though our press freedom index is 142! Thats shameful for a Superpower-Vishwaguru but I would still say the press freedom is not at its lowest, because all these news sources deliberately cast propaganda, maybe they are getting money from somebody. Plus there is no hard work involved here. Wear a suit and then pickup a headline related to Modi or Muslims and then start your 1 hour "Dangal" shows, and then take money to home. I mean who wouldnt want a life like that though unless one has got selfrespect.

@Tuhin12 The question arises is that even if China and WHO had acted wisely and proactively, could the situation have been different?

Honestly, I don't think so. Look at Trump. Even today I wonder how is he US president? But then he is there. And it is not that only because he is president only then the situations are like this. I think it would have been same because this pandemic has only exposed US system, especially healthcare. Trump's presence is just cherry on the top of cake (crisis). 

And when this is the case with the Superpower then what could one expect from others? I still consider India a third world country. And that 5 trillion economy dream has been crushed really hard. Last year, it was during these days we use to hear that already-impossible story from PM.

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@mehrashivani12@yahoo.com With the Trump part I agree and the masses gave an example of how much responsible they have been.

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@Tuhin12 although I believe that when ultimately we are not going to hold someone accountable for anything then we should leave this blame game now, because we know nothing is gonna happen. Those who are suffering will be suffering.

If we are to blame someone or point out faults, then I must say that it is everyone. 

It is China, It is WHO, It is the Government, It is the People. And yeah It is Bats as well.

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 quite a safe passage to blame everyone@jayeshdhyani .. :P just kidding

@Tuhin12 our politicians will be like "when US and Italy couldnt do it, then how are we suppose to do it? And that is a bitter truth as well.

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@utkarsh.dhawan@yahoo.com but things could have been different.