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Perception, Opinions or ???

Few months back and also recently I have met a few people who have a mindset in a particular direction like right wing or left wing oriented. Die hard fan of any celebrity or sportstar etc. 

 The worst thing which i find is people believe it is right to have opinion and choices even if you are with the wrong ones. Someone who has done any crime is roaming free on bail and the supporters say that its the verdict given by the court and hence they are out on bail or so. But the reality is totally different because people are just not ready to accept the fact that the ones they find attractive, are in reality criminals. 

What is it, that is missing and who will show the right path , is there any way of reforming these people who are in huge numbers? People who have been thought of being visionaries or path makers themselves have blundered, so what is real and who is not? WHERE ARE WE HEADING TO ?

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I think what you are saying is because of the perceptions, backed by a lack of interest in doing any due diligence before following (or even voting for) a particular person. 

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pheww... finally I can see and read another comment. 

Yes what you said is exactly what I meant.

If i am not wrong you mean that people have become blind followers...whether of politician, sports/bollywood stars, or babas...right? Well this problem has always been there....

Tuhin, is there a person you think is really great?....whom you follow...can you name him or her...and what do you think about them.?...and we will discuss whats wrong here...

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not exactly blind followers but its like i met an old friend after years and he said during conversation that i am right wing supporter so finds everything done by them correct and then compares.Why can't people have an open view and have to follow uni-directionally ? seems like education hasn't helped someone in getting matured.. following crap news channels time and again like zee news and arnab goswami and then arguing ridiculously and won't research the facts well before sharing the fake stuff.. .. I actually had to think for 10 mins regarding the great part but there isn't anyone and its mostly bits and pieces though I have dreamt of meeting Bhagat Singh and Mir jafar ali khan of surat, as I find em as people of utmost respect.Do believe in Few points of Keanu Reeves lifestyle(like having a modest living, being compassionate and gratitude), a couple of quotes from rocky balboa ( followed for life) .and sports lessons from some dozens of sporting personalities like AB DE villiers in cricket, wan Bissaka and Manuel Nauer in football and lee chong wei in badminton to name a few, I follow for guidance. other than this I don't find anyone that great as a lot of Marketing is already in place towards anyone who has a strong follower base these days.

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Why Bhagat Singh?

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I read about him when i was a kid and it has been respect for him since then. His understanding and the time when he stood up for it. everything about him i adore.

Great...i got it and i couldn't agree with you more....

See when I was younger I always thought that I am right or I am smart...but today after many years when I look back...i realise that i was wrong...i was stupid....so what is that changed my mind...it is the knowledge....the level of knowledge has increased since then....and plus the experinces also contibute....and together these combine to build my wisdom...today i am more knowledgible and wiser than i was yesterday....same thing I would be saying after 5 years from now...

What i am trying to make out of this is that people lack knowledge....they are not fully aware of things...they dont question these things...and also people are lazy and too much involved in life's issues...so they dont invest much of their energy in thinking....and this is where harm happens...

So if they dont have knowledge they will be swayed by easily in any direction...depends...

But here is one more point....dont the people have inner cocscience to understand between the right and wrong? But unfortunately some lack it......and those who do have it are mostly swayed by propagandists and the lack of knowledge proves crucial here...

So i think it is here where people are at low...they lack knowledge and conscience...

But again depending on the level of knowledge they have...obviously they will believe certain things and not others....plus people have to become active ..not passive democratic 

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Those 2 words just describes the issue better- Conscience and propaganda. 

With the virus attack creating havoc , still have to remind people of stop spreading and sharing forwards. but the conscience , its simply missing- There remains a propaganda with the bhakts in this regard and they can be bhakts of anything and not just in politics. Hope the tide will change post may onwards.