6 months ago

Coronavirus in India

The Covid-19 (Coronavirus), started in Wuhan, China has now crossed the borders; American, European and Asian countries.

Today Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan presented the official count of 28 people who have been found infected with the virus. Just 40 mins before when I am writing this, it has been reported that 36 people have been tested positive in Hyderbad. There have been other cases reported in other parts of the country too. 

Are we prepared for this? 

India is already infamous for it's huge population, over-burdened healthcare system which is in itself inefficient and the kind of governments which don't take care and responsibility of their citizen's health. If that's a false claim then below are the examples.

Children dyeing in Rajasthan and Bihar's Acute Encephalitis are the latest example of our government's responsible behavior.

The thing is India is a poor country. We have population density of a mind boggling 420 people per square kilometer. Also there is internal migration everyday in huge numbers. (Indian railways alone carry 23 million passengers everyday, that's like the entire population of Austrailia)

Some experts say that India maynot be a favourable place for the virus, given the hot and humid climate. FYI Coronavirus turns inactive at 38 degree celsius and dies at 50 degrees celsius.

And better if it doesn't find the atmosphere hospitable here. But what is concerning is the present situation and these upcoming 30 days after which we officially welcome summers.

.6 months ago

well we have intelligent people to solve this menace who travel and hide their details and then get sick .add to it the rumour mongers who just share anything and everything.Travelling restrictions haven't been imposed completely, yet. It's just about one more intelligent person who travels and hides and meets people that will help us attain Nirvana towards the preparedness.