7 months ago

Women in Religion

Women have always been at the suffering end. 

Talking of Hinduism, there was this insane practice Sati pratha where the wife was told to sit on fire and die while breathing and burning with her dead husband on his Chhitaa. But yeah this wasn't much prevalent one. 

Somewhere Jauhar was practised where women self-ablaze them when their husbands die in war and this act of theirs was glorified as a sacrifice.  

Women are told to not enter Temples during menstruation.

Then there is parda and ghoongat (veil) pratha...the veil one is still widely practised. 

Talking of Islam, I think it is the worst performer. I must say that in today's world, it is the worst religion for a woman. Even Hindus are growing with the modernism and so are other religions. But Islam still looks to be in the last position in this race. Wearing Burqa, I don't understand how the hell some intellectuals consider it a religious choice and not a sign of religious or male's imposition. How it is not thinking that says 'nobody gotta see mah woman'. 

 ' Women are treated as a man's property! And the restrictions are much more in number when compared to other religions. Their situation is the worst. 

There have always been too much of restrictions on women. And these restrictions were not always inspired by religions but also from the insecurities developed under a male-dominated society. Even today People don't want their women's to wear jeans, follow their passion in arts or sports, have a boyfriend or male friends, drink or smoke and many other things that men can and usually do.

Then there is violence against them. The women are not considered strong and wise enough.

I must agree that irrespective of religion and other parameters, woman are coming out and the society is transforming itself towards that modernism. It is accepting modern values and granting women more freedom. But I think this is just a part of the beginning. 

.6 months ago

well i don't think this is the beginning, because seeing the climatic changes , the end is near as the governments aren't much focussed upon it. Now the point of religion and women's status . I feel till the time we will have the man made religions around , their will be atrocities around cause this is a man made creation and genders were not man-made . So no matter who and how much some ppl or org may try , the problem won't get solved till the time we don't tackle the religion issue.