10 months ago

What are the intentions behind?

The government has sought Supreme Court directions that no media organization/outlet/source should print, publish and telecast any information regarding the Covid19 or Coronavirus without ascertaining the facts with the goverment....means no independent journalism...the media cannot report directly to us something discovered by them...and this is not a good thing especially in times like this...

Earlier the government announced that ICMR will no longer produce stats related to Covid-19....like the number of infected, deaths and recovered....

Why is government is doing this? Could this be an attempt to hide own failures and fool the people with manipulated/incomplete/ false information?

.9 months ago

@jayeshdhyani well the intention can also be to prevent the spread of misinformation that can cause panic. 

.9 months ago

@ravikumar wow so tomorrow gov will tell us not to go outside because we might die in an accident...

Gov has all the system to check that...no need to choke the independent journalism

.9 months ago

@jayeshdhyani which failures are you talking about? please explain

.9 months ago

@ravikumar what? People are dyeing...in thousands infected...medical proffessionals are complaining about shortage of stuff...hospitals had to be built now...how they mismanaged imposing a lockdown without communicating with the state gov let alone the general public...i means i scoff at that....then they term migrant labours as irresponsible...wow...

India had the examples of China then Europe and then US...it had so much time to prepare yet they were not proactive...at the very first level this gov fails miserably....

.9 months ago

@jayeshdhyani news flash for you - i think we are dealing with a pandemic here.

What did you except that country with 1.3 billion people to have 0 cases and deaths? There are bound to be some deaths. You should be happy we are not facing a situation like America and Italy. jaadu ka danda toh nahi chala sakte nahh bhai.

ismanaged the lockdown? really? you really think communicating in advance with the general public would have been a good idea? in my view it would have been chaotic, considring how we indians react to every news, even the smallest ones.

i agree with you with the point about shortage of equipment for the medical workers.

but you cant deny the fact that we havent reached community transmission yet which is a commendable feat.

.10 months ago

just remover could this be from your last sentence and you have the answer