a year ago

Govt allowing liquor sales

How good is the govt step of allowing of liquor sales?

Bad for health?

 It has always been ...

Bad for society or family?

Well perspectively, it has always been...

There were reports of rising domestic violence cases...what are the chances if liquor consumption will decline those rising cases, that too during the lockdown?

Plus, some would say that it will generate revenue? Well that is a positive point...also interestingly the gov has allowed selling of selected brands...so maybe gov is thinking about people's taste and health rather than only revenue...well thats a public welfare activity ...

.a year ago

@jayeshdhyani Its been more than a month of lockdown - just one question I have - do we have a proper mechanism in place which is being monitored for the buying and selling in general stores which are open and are the citizens understanding and logic oriented with common sense that they are following the said guidelines - NO . We have millions of idiots and till the time they are not transformed we will always face trouble. Because common sense is just not common.