5 months ago

Opposition now knows how to hedge


This is why he gave that scripted interview. He knew that CBI is coming after him, so he spoke non-sense about the whole Pulwama attack tragedy.

Now he can claim Modi sent CBI after him bcz he gave that interview.

And this is also the strategy adopted by Delhi's Kejriwal. He has been vocal about PM's degree, and how the current PM is just 4th passed. He knows that he is next in line after Sisodia, Jain, and other AAP members, so he is doing everything he can to shift the blame. 

.5 months ago

Good way to form a story.
How do you know the interview was scripted? 

.5 months ago

Just look at the interview with an open mind, you might feel the same way.

The points raised by Satyapal Malil were just pointless really. I mean do you really think the PM of one of the most technologically advanced country will use phone from a Dhaba to call another government office bearer?

Moreover, why did Satyapal not say anything when he was the Governor? What is the point of breaking the silence now?


.5 months ago

still it does not prove anything