a year ago

Bhagat Singh

I wonder....would the 23 year old boy and his legacy be revered similarly today, had he not been hung to death by the britishers...

Just imagine...Bhagat singh was a communist....plus an Atheist....

I really find it hard to think that he and his views would be digestible to today's Indians

.a year ago

I think Bhagat Singh still commands the respect of every india irrespective of him being communist or atheist. 

.a year ago

Those were different times i think. Things dont mean same anymore like they did then.

with the advent of lal salaam, communist has altogether a different meaning in today's world.

.a year ago

Exactly , the meanings of words have changed . Bhagat Singh used to read about the revolutionaries and that made him a communist and an atheist, but he never joined the communist party. Another big example of this was what people perceived of Anarchism and what Bhagat Singh meant by it was an absense of any ruler and abolition of state but not of law and order. 

He saw the state of our country and how the Hindu-Muslim riots took place , also he was not in favour of Gandhi's way. and because of this he felt that religion just divides people.  

 And a lot of marketing has been done by the Brits to hide details or so. But the reality is that Bhagat Singh did brought everyone to street at that young age .