5 months ago

I think they don't realise that this is not the India of the past


I think they don't realise that this is not the India of the past that they can do anything they want or scare us with threats like these. I say bring it on. 

.5 months ago

haha Is Al-qaeda even relevant today?

.5 months ago

these threats dont mean anything nowadays

but we also have to consider that just yesterday 5 army jawans were killed 

Al-qaeda might not have been directly involved but the attack came from pakistan only 

.5 months ago

JeM Affiliate PAFF claimed responsibility of the attacks.

The attack was well planned. Definitely was not a co-incidence that on the same day when Pak Foreign Minister accepted the SCO Goa meet, this happened.

Also I think, Pakistan wants something else. They are asking for money from IMF, and the latter has put forward some conditions. One of the condition is a reduction in military budget, if im not wrong. Therefore, Pakistan did this, believing that India will retaliate. Thats how they can ask money from IMF w/o reducing military spending.

Moreover, people are against Pakistani administration in PoJK. So attacks like is a desparate attempt of Pakistan to win back some support.

.5 months ago

makes sense yeah, do you think that India will retaliate?

.5 months ago

Om Shanti

My thoughts and prayers for the jawans who got martyred