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Why was CAA implemented?

March 25 - 25 Sikhs murdered inside a 400-yr-old Gurudwara complex in Kabul, Afghanistan by a gunmen.

March 29 - Amid coronavirus crisis, Christians and Hindus in Karachi, Pakistan were denied free food from an NGO. NGO said the food was only meant for Muslims.

I don't know whether the Kabul incident was an answer to the Delhi riots, or to dent the Indo-Afghan ties after the peace deal was signed between US and Taliban;

or whether the Karachi incident was in retaliation to the passage of CAA in India,

one thing I know for sure is that religious minorities in these countries are persecuted just because of their religions.

And that is why CAA was implemented.

Note: These are just two of the many cases of subjugation against these religious minorities.

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Bring back all but just don't mention the name of religion. And certain problems still need to be encountered , like there will be unwanted people making fake ID to get in India and tracing or finding the reality will be the toughest challenge as the spy networks are already present in every developig country.

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@Tuhin12 Please elaborate on the fake ID point. I hope you know that not any random person can claim benefits of the CAA. The list has already been made. 

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@Tuhin12 partition happened in the name of religion, persecution happens in the name of religion, so if relief is provided to those who got persecuted because of their religion, what is so bad in it?  

Such attacks have been there in the past and consequently it has led to the migration of these non-muslim communities to move and take refuge in India...this Act will benefit them...but I think the Act should have mentioned only religiously persecuted without specifying the ones....it would have been much better...no discrimination...and the act wouldve served much much wider purpose...              

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@utkarsh.dhawan@yahoo.com yeah I get your point, but I think the fact that religions got mentioned should not be looked like a discrimination against one particular religion.