a year ago

Even eligible ?

Is there anyone who feels Nirmala Sitharaman is doing a good job and she is not one of the worst FM we have had in our history?

.a year ago

@Tuhin12 I think appointing Sitharaman as the FM was a political move.

.a year ago

@prateekchopra I don't even doubt that a single bit .. but my point is a bit different here. At such high posts we need right minds at the right place, though there is a team behind the scenes which accumulates much of the data but from Jaitley to her . nice mockery 

@Tuhin12 do you think even Jaitely was a good economist...?

He was always defending Modi Gov's moves...

.a year ago

@utkarsh.dhawan@yahoo.com he had vast amount of knowledge when compared to Sitharaman. There are many who are still defending the govt's moves blindly , check how krishnamurthy subramanian reacts to govt statements. But still having knowledge is one thing and..