2 months ago

Joe Biden calls India “shaky” amid Russian confrontation

US President Joe Biden on Monday said that among all the Washington allies, India has been “shaky” in its response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Biden also lauded the US-led alliance, including NATO, the European Union, and key Asian partners for its united front against President Vladimir Putin.

This includes unprecedented sanctions aimed at crippling Russia's currency, international trade, and access to high-tech goods.

However, unlike fellow members of the QUAD group – Australia, Japan, and the United States – India continues to purchase Russian oil, and has refused to join votes condemning Moscow at the United Nations. An Indian Government official said last week that the world's third-biggest consumer of crude relies on imports for almost 85 percent of its needs, with Russia supplying a "marginal" less than one percent of this.

What are your views about India’s stance regarding the Russia-Ukraine crisis?