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Climate change is real and here to make a dent....

Turning out backs to the climate change argument won't change the reality of 

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The masses should be made aware about it but that doesn't seems to be the case so far.

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Climate change will not just make a dent, it will be the destroyer. I believe if someone is turning its back towards it then it is the class of politicians/decision makers. We as people have been aware of it but our prefernces have been things other than this.

People have been taking this issue lightly. For them or say us, it is not a very big deal. I must admit that the worsening of air-quality did grab the attentions but not upto that extent or we could say only for a short period of time. It isn't that we are not aware of the problem. We are. But we haven't realised that what is it all about. We have been acting irresponsibly as well. But it all has to start from the educator itself that is the media.

The media has to play its role but it is busy somewhere else. The print media is habitual of pasting one photograph of heaped garbage in the city per week, just in case they're short of news material. And let us not talk about the TV medium. The media has not shown the intensity that it must have had. 

People know many things but it is media who acts as motivator or influencer. 

For example people know about corruption but it is the media who brings the heap of information about it causing an urge to react among the masses. This results in mass protests. That is how it works.

We know about climate change, global warming, pollution etc. We have been listening the same news about melting glaciers over the years. It is that we have become habitual of thinking that it isn't affecting us that soon. 

The media has to create the intensity and make the people realise how immense this problem is. How it is already getting worse. Why should we ask our politicians to make progressive steps towards it. And why we have to start from ourselves first and then collectively as well. 

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I dont know why people think that climate change is just a hoax

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Reality of it*