Misinformation about Covid-19 – Myths busted

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Myths about Corona busted

As the nation goes on a lockdown for 21 days to curb the spread of Covid-19, there are still various myths circulating in the media about the virus. From ‘thermal scanners can detect the virus’ to ‘only aged and children can be diagnosed with Covid-19’, there are numerous such assertions with very little or no relation with the virus.

These unsubstantiated claims create doubts among the masses that can result into a panic situation, which is the last thing a country needs. It is advisable to be aware of such myths and work smartly towards containing the spread of this virus.

Only thing we can do is take preventive measures to limit the spread of the virus. Social distancing is proven to be the most effective way to stay safe. Maintaining cleanliness also offers a solid protection from the virus, so you should wash your hands frequently and take a bath daily.

Some myths and doubts about Covid-19 are as follows:-

MYTH 1: Covid-19 can be transmitted through mosquito bites

FACT: Being a respiratory virus, Corona is transmitted when an infected person coughs or sneezes and the water droplets generated enter the body of another person. According to the Union Health Ministry, Coronavirus CANNOT be transmitted through mosquito bites. There have been no evidence to suggest that can be transmitted through mosquitoes.

MYTH 2: Only people with symptoms can transmit the virus

FACT: ANYONE can transmit the virus. As symptoms takes 2-10 days to show, a person having the virus can transmit it without knowing about the symptoms.

Moreover, people can be just the carriers of the virus. Simply put, a person NOT infected with the virus CAN also transmit the virus to others. A person becomes infected when the virus enters the body. The virus can be found on your hands, face, or any other exposed body part and can be transmitted from there as well.

MYTH 3: Thermal scanner can detect the infected people.

FACT: Thermal scanner can detect if a person has fever or not. Though one must consult a doctor immediately, having a fever does not mean that the person is infected with the coronavirus. Other conditions such as seasonal flu can also result in fever. 

Moreover, the scanners cannot detect persons who have the virus and not the fever as it takes 2-10 days for symptoms to show. Therefore, initially an infected person would not develop a fever and hence will not come in the scanner’s radar.

MYTH 4: Getting COVID-19 is a certain death

FACT: Out of the people diagnosed with Covid-19, about 80.9% had mild cases, according to a study published by the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. About 13.8% reported severe illness which means they needed supplemental oxygen due to shortage of breath, and 4.7% were critical which means that they faced an organ failure. The data also suggests that around 2.3% of the infected people died because of virus.

So, even if you are showing symptoms or are diagnosed with it, there is no need to panic. You can let the concerned authorities know about your situation and help will be provided.

MYTH 5: Facemasks offer the ultimate protection 

FACT: Any disposable face mask is unlikely to prevent the virus from getting in your respiratory systems as it is not equipped to block tiny viral particles. N95 and N99 respirators offer a better protection, but are not easily available and it requires special training to fit them properly. Masks, if not fitted properly, can let water droplets enter through the air gaps. 

It is advisable to wear masks if you are experiencing any symptoms of the infection or taking care of someone infected with the virus.

MYTH 6: COVID-19 cannot be transmitted in areas of hot and humid weather

FACT: The COVID-19 virus can be transmitted in ALL AREAS, including areas with hot and humid climate, reports WHO. The virus has so far been transmitted in the areas with hot and humid weather as warmer countries such as Australia and Singapore are also getting affected. Also, it can be transmitted in cold weather.

However, according to various studies, hot conditions might slow down the spread of virus but will not halt it. 

MYTH 7: Eating garlic and consuming alcohol can prevent Coronavirus.

FACT: Garlic is a healthy food that contains some antimicrobial properties and boosts the immune system, but there is no evidence which shows that Covid-19 can be cured by eating garlic. The Health Ministry also said that consuming alcohol does not prevent Coronavirus.

MYTH 8: Coronavirus affects only aged people and children.

FACT: People of ALL AGES can be affected by COVID-19. People above the age of 60 are more vulnerable to become ill with the virus due to their pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and heart problems. When it comes to children, they are more at risk because of their under developed immunity. WHO suggests people of all ages to take preventive measures to protect themselves from the virus.

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