Union HM Shah highlights India's economic transformation – From policy paralysis to global prosperity

PoliCharcha | Updated: September 29, 2023, 2:30 PM

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah highlights India's economic transformation – From policy paralysis to global prosperity

In a noteworthy address at the 118th Annual Session of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Union Home Minister Amit Shah highlighted India's remarkable progress over the last nine years, attributing it to decisive policies, political stability, and effective teamwork within the federal structure.

Shah contrasted this period of stability with the preceding decade, describing it as a time when the nation was "shaken" by political instability from 2004 to 2014.

The last nine years have seen the result of performance. The country's economy has also got a new direction under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Shah stated, underscoring India's economic growth. He pointed out that the GDP had surged from USD 2.03 trillion to USD 3.75 trillion, almost doubling during this period. Per capita income also rose significantly, reaching Rs 1.80 lakh from Rs 68,000 in 2013-14.

Shah praised PM Modi's transformative initiatives across various sectors, especially highlighting the successful organisation of the G20 Summit. He noted that these efforts had infused new energy not only into trade and industries, but also into every sector of the country, creating a sense of momentum.

"India's Moment" has become a topic of discussion worldwide, Shah noted, with India being recognised as a vibrant global player. He emphasised India's appeal as a destination for companies looking to relocate, citing the country's young workforce, democratic system, teamwork, and clear policy formulation under Modi's leadership.

Shah also discussed the Production Linked Incentive Scheme, which has realised the dream of "Make in India" in 14 sectors within the country. He stressed that the next 25 years are crucial for India's trade and industries and called for Indian companies to expand globally.

Shah also emphasised the need for strengthening both small and large industries, advocating for a robust network and support from organisations like PHDCCI.

Additionally, Shah highlighted the impact of the new education policy introduced by the Modi government, foreseeing India becoming a premier global destination for students in the next decade. He concluded his address by stressing the importance of continuing on this trajectory of growth and progress.

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